Over the last couple of years, the average age of cellular phone users has continued to decrease. In addition, the cellular phone coverage at Heritage Reservation has continued to increase. The combination of these two circumstances has led to some unfavorable situations at summer camp.

First, one of the main principles of attending summer camp is to give the boys a chance to experience life in the outdoors...without such luxuries as flushable toilets, air conditioning, and electronics. Second, camp staff has alerted the leaders that scouts' cellular phones are ringing while the scouts are attending merit badge classes. This situation is very disrespectful to the camp staff and is very distracting to the others attending the class. Third, if a boy gets homesick, the last thing he needs is a method to facilitate easy contact with home. Finally, the camp phone policy is such that it cannot be used to receive calls, and a scout can only use it to dial out when a leader is present. When scouts have cellular phones on their person, this policy is circumvented.

Heritage Reservation staff has asked that Troop leaders address this issue to prevent this issue from occurring in the future. Thus, the Troop 225 Scout Cell Phone Policy has been established.


It is the position of the leadership of Troop 225 that no scouts are permitted to have cell phones in camp at any time. Scouts wishing to call home must follow the camp pay phone policy and ask a leader for permission first. If the leader decides that a phone call is justified, he will decide whether to use his cell phone or to take the scout to the Program Hall where the scout will use the courtesy phone. Parents are asked to respect, support, and enforce this policy. The leaders do not want to have to serve as cell phone police. Nevertheless, if a scout is caught with a cell phone, the cell phone will be handed over to the leaders and will remain with them until Saturday morning. If an urgent message must be delivered to a scout, please follow the procedures detailed on the Emergency Contact Information page. Thank you for your cooperation as we do our best to make this a fun and memorable week for the scouts.

The following leaders will have cell phones and will be at camp for the duration of the week:

Dave Ponist: 814-769-3290 (Verizon Wireless)
Al Vernacchio: 412-417-4626 (Verizon Wireless)



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